The Grand Rapids real estate law firm of Ledford & Associates, has been providing prompt, personal and cost-effective legal services to handle all types of real estate transactions and disputes.

We work with residential homebuyers and sellers as well as commercial real estate clients, including commercial builders, housing developers, real estate brokers and landlords.

Whether you are the owner of a building trying to negotiate with a lender or a commercial tenant trying to negotiate with a landlord, knowing your rights is imperative. If you are seeking assistance with completing the purchase or sale of a home or commercial property, or you need aggressive legal representation in court to resolve a real estate dispute, a Ledford & Associates real estate attorney has the experience you need to reach your goal. Our Grand Rapids commercial and residential real estate lawyers have experience and can assist with the following real estate services:

  • Drafting or review of purchase and sales agreements 
  • Supervising the real estate closing transaction 
  • Drafting documents for condominium conversion 
  • Drafting or review of commercial construction contracts 
  • Drafting or review of commercial lease agreements 
  • Evaluating title, clearing title, transferring title and resolving title disputes 

If your transactions have led to your need for legal assistance, we can guide you through the real estate litigation process as well.

Contact our law firm online to schedule your initial consultation with an experienced Grand Rapids real estate lawyer or call us directly at (616) 257-3300.