The DUI and drunk driving laws in Michigan make it illegal to drive with .08 percentage blood alcohol concentration (BAC) or above.

While the best solution is not to drink and drive, if you are caught driving you will need an experienced DUI attorney who will fight diligently to protect your rights. Michigan’s laws for drunk driving and DUI are strict — when you drink and drive in Michigan, you risk your freedom, your finances and your future!

If you have been arrested for a DUI, OWI, or MIP in West MI, our drunk driving attorney will offer you honesty, integrity and the experience required when defending you in a Michigan DUI case. The DUI attorneys at Ledford & Associates will defend and protect your rights, and our courtroom experience will make the difference in your DUI case!

Minor in possession (MIP) is an offense that strictly targets those individuals who are under 21 years old. On the one hand, first-time offenders have the ability under the law to keep their record clean by entering into a special type of probation or "diversion." On the other hand, there are rulings at the federal level that also impact Michigan courts that invalid certain portions of the Michigan MIP statute as it relates to the collection of evidence. Don't get caught up in the system! Contact Ledford & Associates expert MIP attorneys to handle your case.

Hiring an experienced Michigan DUI/OWI attorney quickly will help ensure that your rights are protected. DUI or driving under the influence can either refer to driving under the influence of alcohol, driving under the influence of drugs or driving under the influence of a combination of liquor and drugs. This is the most widely used term for drunk driving cases. DUI or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs does not only pertain to cars or trucks. You can also be charged with a DUI offense for operating a boat, motorcycle, snowmobile, moped, scooter or bicycle.

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