West Michigan attorneys, Ledford & Associates have, for over a decade, tailored its private hire criminal defense services to individuals who have used self-defense or who have come to the aid of others in a defensive situation

We have been extraordinarily effective in our representation of these clients, having reached successful conclusions to each. Because of this experience, in February 2012, the law firm decided to expand the availability of our legal representation to any private hire criminal defense client seeking first rate representation by attorneys who genuinely care about and pay attention to each client's matter. Complimentary initial, confidential consultation provided.

The primary function of a criminal defense attorney remains simple: to legally represent those charged with a crime. However, if you are facing a misdemeanor or felony charge with potential prison time, you need to have the best criminal law attorney fighting for you every step of the way. The accomplished criminal defense attorneys at Ledford & Associatesmay even be able to uncover certain arguments and factors that could mitigate or even negate the charges against you.

Whether your matter involves relatively "minor" misdemeanor, or much more serious felony charges, Ledford & Associates criminal defense lawyers are devoted to aggressively represent you. We will advise you of the process along the way, keep you informed of the status of your case, answer any questions you may have, all while extending to you the same courtesy we extend to all our other professional clients. Reasonable flat fees and hourly fee rates are provided.


  • DUI / OWI / Drunk Driving 
  • "MIP" (Minor in Possession) 
  • General Traffic Offenses 
  • Misdemeanor & Felony Assault 
  • Marijuana & other Drug Offenses 
  • Serious Felony and Homicide Charges 


  • Concealed Pistol Licensing Issues 
  • Gun Charges (of any sort) 
  • Self-Defense & Defense of Others 
  • Brandishing Felonious Assault (weapon charge) 
  • Deadly Force 

We are associated with the NRA Self-Defense Insurance and the USCCA Self-Defense Insurance programs.

If you have any questions about any of the above or regarding your own specific needs, please do not hesitate to call our office at (616) 257-3300 to speak with one of our criminal defense attorneys!