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Supreme Court says 2011 changes to sex offender law cannot be applied retroactively

The decision largely aligns with prior federal court rulings that found the 2011 changes unenforceable because they amounted to unconstitutionally retroactive punishment and resembled "the ancient punishment of banishment."

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Woman wins drunken driving case at Michigan Supreme Court

The stop violated constitutional protections against search and seizure, the court said in a 5-0 opinion.

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Michigan’s top court sides with dad in parental rights case

The Michigan Supreme Court unanimously overturned the decisions of a Kalamazoo-area judge who terminated the parental rights of a poor couple after their two children had missed 25% of school.

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Michigan Supreme Court issues new guidance to courts, landlords on CDC COVID eviction ban

To be protected under the order, tenants must opt-in by signing a declaration form saying they meet the eligibility requirements.

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Thousands of criminal charges and fines under question under now-unconstitutional COVID-19 orders

Thousands of Michiganders are wondering if criminal charges and fines levied against them are still valid after the Michigan Supreme Court last Friday ruled Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s COVID-19 executive orders issued after April 30 are illegal.

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