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The Fix Is In: Protect Consumers Sports in Emerging Online Betting Industry

There are legal questions that must be answered. How will revenue be taxed on sportsbooks? Will sports leagues get a cut of tax revenue? How will the government investigate and police potential fraudulent activity in an effort to protect the integrity of professional and amateur sports and protect consumers?

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Tesla opening second Michigan service center in Grand Rapids suburb

A 2014 state law previously banned Tesla’s direct to consumer sales model. A settlement was reached in January 2020 with Michigan Attorney General

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Renewed effort in Legislature to end child marriages in Michigan

According to state records, more than 5,000 children, some as young as 14, were married in Michigan between 2000 and 2018.

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Michigan appeals court OKs medical marijuana for those on probation

Despite voters' overwhelming approval of the law, it took 12 years for Michigan courts to fully recognize the law’s protections.

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Will This Case Be The Tipping Point For Michigan To Change Its Harmful Surrogacy Laws?

Michigan stands alone in its legal harshness, resulting in harm to parents as well as those who help them.

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