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The bureaucracy can be daunting but clearing felony convictions can be “life-changing.”

The bureaucracy can be daunting but clearing felony convictions can be “life-changing.”

The wages of those who had their records expunged jumped by an average of 25% within two years.
The “discouragingly low” rate of expunged convictions in Michigan can be attributed to most eligible people never applying.
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Does Tire Rotation Include Tightening Lug Nuts?

Yes, that’s right. The judges ruled that a tire rotation does not include tightening the lug nuts...

It is a ruling that not only defies common sense but has potentially broad ramifications for Michigan car owners who may find it much harder to sue mechanics for doing unspeakably dumb things, such as not making sure the damn tires stay on the car.
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Michigan Law Enforcement Agencies Start Using Roadside Drug Testing Equipment

More than 50 law enforcement agencies across the state are testing roadside drug detection equipment.

This tool is currently being used by Cadillac City Police.
It can detect marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, amphetamine, opiates and some drugs considered “tranquilizers”.
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How to get your criminal record sealed in Michigan

The application process for getting a criminal record sealed from public view in Michigan can be daunting. But before you even apply, figuring out whether you're eligible can be confusing.

A recent study by two University of Michigan Law professors found that expungement leads to higher earnings and low recidivism rates. Yet, the professors estimate that more than 90% of people who qualify don't apply within five years of becoming eligible.
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Meijer, Kroger ask customers not to open carry guns

This has raised many questions in states like Michigan, where it is legal to open carry.

Open carry is legal in Michigan anywhere it has not been explicitly banned. You don't need a license to open carry, as long as you are 18, carrying the gun with lawful intent and the weapon is not concealed.
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