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Grand Rapids Police Annual Report

In 2020, there were 76,281 calls for service. Of those, only 0.41% (less than one half of one percent) resulted in any type of use of force. Over 99% of calls had no use of force involved.
Want to learn more about this and other stats on police operations? Check out the 2020 Annual Report

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Kent County law enforcement agencies launch $25M upgrades to dispatch system

Public safety agencies have also upgraded web-based Incident Status Monitors to provide easy access for anyone wanting to know where public safety resources are being deployed.

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Kent County Probate Court unveils e-filing program

The court introduced TurboCourt, which assists filers with completing and filing court forms online

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Work-From-Home Challenges City Income Tax Reach

A follow up to a previous post about working at home and the tax implications. In a typical pre-COVID year, about 45% of total income tax collections in Grand Rapids come from those who live outside the city.

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Tesla opening second Michigan service center in Grand Rapids suburb

A 2014 state law previously banned Tesla’s direct to consumer sales model. A settlement was reached in January 2020 with Michigan Attorney General

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