"Grandparent Scams" making it's way across West Michigan

GRPD says that specifically in West Michigan the fraud tries to get their victim to withdraw money from the bank and, believe it or not, the scammer will actually show up to the person's house to get the cash.

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New law in Michigan cuts down on jail time for minor offenses

A 20-bill bi-partisan package, easing penalties such as traffic offenses, and cutting down jail time and parole for some people, including children.

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Michigan Victim Confidentiality Law Signed

The act, which had bipartisan support, allows victims of crimes and their children to apply for identification numbers and substitute addresses with assigned post boxes for the state to mail state documents and items such as driver's licenses.

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Landlords Fear Tenant Wins In Lease Disputes May Snowball

"While the four corners of the lease may not provide an out for not paying rent, experts say tenants may be able to make the argument that they don't need to pay rent if a co-tenancy portion of the lease is not fulfilled. Co-tenancy provisions are designed to help a tenant have some sort of a guarantee of the amount of foot traffic going by the store by requiring other stores to remain open. Mall owners routinely juggle hundreds of such provisions, but the forced closure of many malls and stores may trigger co-tenancy agreements, and could give tenants an argument as to why they are not required to pay rent. "If every other store [in a mall] is shut down, that provides a defense," Weiner said."

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Michigan Senate approves tightened restrictions in Sex Offender Registration Act

The Michigan Senate voted Wednesday to codify court-recommended changes in the state’s Sex Offender Registration Act. State lawmakers approved altering registration protocols for sex offenders.

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