Another full dismissal from a Mason County civil law suit

Congratulations! To my client and his company... we obtained a full dismissal of him personally and his construction company from a Mason County civil law suit brought against him and others claiming all sorts of damages based upon state and federal causes of action. My clients are dismissed based on a written waiver AND, in (our and) the Judge's opinion that the Plaintiff failed to support the case with sufficient evidence. At the hearing on our Motion, the Plaintiff's attorney actually claimed to the Judge that it wasn't Plaintiff's job to prove who was at fault, but rather the various defendants' burden to determine blame among and between themselves. All defendants, of course, were claiming that they were not at fault, or that some other defendant might be at fault. 

Now.... for a motion seeking my clients' attorney fees based upon our Offer of Judgment that Plaintiff rejected..... *fist pump*


Office closed due to Coronavirus

Per the Governor's orders, as of 11:00 a.m., March 23, 2020, our office is now CLOSED to the public. We are still operating and conducting business, but it is now purely and solely via email, telephone and telecommunications (Skype, Zoom and other internet meeting options).


MSC Orders Trial Courts to Limit Activity to Essential Functions, Superseding all Local Orders Regarding the Crisis

“All trial courts must take immediate action to protect the public and court personnel by limiting activity only to essential functions,” said Chief Justice Bridget M. McCormack. “The Supreme Court speaks with one, decisive voice: Courts must respond so that the policy is uniform all across Michigan.”
Essential court functions outlined in the Court’s administrative order include:
Arraignments for in-custody defendantsReview and determination of requests for search warrants and personal protection ordersCertain child protective proceedingsCritical issues regarding child support and child custody

Read the entire Advisory here


Coronavirus price-gouging addressed by Gov. Whitmer

In a continued effort to crack down on price gauging during the coronavirus outbreak, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has signed an executive order banning retailers from pumping up prices on emergency supplies.

The executive order states that if a business or individual has acquired any product from a retailer, the business or individual must not resell that product in Michigan at a price that is grossly in excess of the purchase price of the product

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Tickets in Michigan must say that there are alternatives for people who can't afford fines

The state of Michigan has reached a settlement with a civil rights organization to inform people who receive traffic tickets and other citations that they can request a low- or no-cost alternative if they can't afford fines and fees.

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