Michigan Is The Only State With This Law Against Discrimination

The Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act forbids discrimination in the state of Michigan on the basis of age, height and weight.

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Michigan bill would eliminate ‘archaic’ driving law

Most people do not even know this law is on the books. At issue is Michigan statute that requires the driver of an overtaking vehicle to provide an audible signal to the driver of an overtaken vehicle to give way to the right.

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Michigan State Police says it's working to improve transparency, relationship with public

This makes it easier for the public to find out things like state police
policies, how to make a complaint, and statistical reports that include
traffic stops and use of force by factors like race, all compiled on a
new website

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Lawyers, advocates review surprise new CDC directive that stops evictions

The moratorium doesn't take effect until it's published in the Federal Register, which is scheduled to happen Friday.

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Insurance Firms Gain Early Lead in Coronavirus Legal Fight With Businesses

U.S. property insurers have won a flurry of judicial rulings backing up
their rejections of claims for businesses’ lost income during
government-ordered shutdowns, dimming policyholders’ hopes of payments
to help them rebound.

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