State reaches settlement on no-fault auto reform law

An agreement that ensures unlimited Personal Injury Protection medical coverage for uninsured vehicle occupants and pedestrians who were injured in car crashes before the July 2020 implementation of the state’s new auto insurance law.

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Crazy Michigan Drinking Law You May Not Know

The law says it's illegal to advertise or sell any glass of beer as a "pint" in Michigan unless that glass contains at least 16 ounces of beer. It's becoming more common for establishments to sell “pints” that don’t contain a proper pint of liquid.

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How To Make Sure Your Fantasy Football League Complies With Michigan Law

Yes, there are actually laws for Fantasy Football pools in Michigan.

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Portage creates a safe space for people to conduct business

This seems like a pretty good idea!

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Grandville Jenison Chamber Of Commerce Member Spotlight

The Grandville Jenison Chamber Of Commerce "Member Spotlight" for the week of Aug. 8 features Paul Ledford!

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