73K suspended Michigan drivers to have licenses reinstated

Starting Oct. 1, Michiganders who had their licenses suspended for failure to pay court fines or failure to appear in court for violations can have them reinstated. The new law taking effect is part of Michigan’s criminal justice reform package Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed in January 2021

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New Protections in Place for Vulnerable Adults

Vulnerable adults in Michigan have new protections in place as the Financial Exploitation Prevention Act took effect yesterday, September 26. The statute enacts new requirements on financial institutions to ensure they have training and procedures in-place to better recognize the signs of financial exploitation and take action to protect those who are unable to protect themselves from abuse, neglect, or exploitation because of a mental or physical impairment or because of advanced age. 

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The Latest IRS Headache for Taxpayers: 11 Million ‘Math Error’ Notices

Millions of Americans have gotten a scary, confusing letter from the Internal Revenue Service in 2021 saying they owe more taxes. Making matters worse, many of the letters are about stimulus payments meant to lessen the blow of the pandemic. The explosion of IRS bills to taxpayers fall into a category known as “math-error” notices, and the IRS sent out more than 11 million of them from Jan. 1 to mid-August. When the letters assess taxes due or reduce refunds, as millions do, they are treacherous for filers because the first notice is also the final notice--unlike with many IRS letters. What’s more, the law assumes recipients have conceded if they don’t respond within 60 days.

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Michigan Enacts Landmark Jail Reforms

The enacted legislation addressed four key areas: arrest alternatives, alternatives to jail sentences, community supervision reforms, and responses to traffic violations.

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Biglaw Firms Can Be A Liability To Clients

In many situations, Biglaw firms can actually be a liability to clients, and it is not just their high fees.

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