What to know about Michigan’s fireworks rules ahead of Fourth of July weekend

Under the state’s fireworks law, last updated in late 2018, consumer fireworks are permissible statewide until 11:45 p.m. each evening from June 29 through July 4.

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Kent County law enforcement agencies launch $25M upgrades to dispatch system

Public safety agencies have also upgraded web-based Incident Status Monitors to provide easy access for anyone wanting to know where public safety resources are being deployed.

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High Court Denies Sentence Reduction to Light Crack Offenses

Crack cocaine offenders are only eligible for reduced sentences under the First Step Act if they were convicted of a drug possession charge that came with a mandatory minimum sentence, the Supreme Court ruled

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Michigan Legislature Passes Bills Exempting Certain PPE from Sales and Use Tax

Because the legislation is retroactive to March 10 of last year, it contains a provision allowing eligible purchasers to request a refund of sales and use taxes paid for purchases of PPES

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So Michigan wants to hold back your third grader.

The letters containing the bad news are being delivered by certified mail to the parents of 3,324 students.

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