Michigan starts writing rules for adult-use marijuana industry

Without a license system, “gray market” businesses have sprung up in Michigan Regulators have started drafting rules for the industry.

The Bureau of Marijuana Regulation has begun drafting rules and arranging staff internally to process license applications, said Andrew Brisbo, director of the Bureau of Marijuana Regulation.
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Supreme Court curbs power of government to impose heavy fines and seize property

In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court on Wednesday ruled to drastically curb the powers that states and cities have to levy fines and seize property.

The high court’s ruling could now limit the ability for states and cities to carry out what critics – on both sides of the political divide – say is an increasingly common practice of imposing steep fines and seizing property.
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Updated FOIA Process For State Agencies

Extensions will be the exception and not the general rule

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer announced an executive directive to amend state agencies' polices for responding to Freedom of Information Act requests. The directive included designating a transparency liaison within state departments and agencies to facilitate public records requests.
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